Garrett Grayson is not a “big” school quarterback, but those guys have definitely been able to succeed at the NFL level.  He will be an interesting prospect going into the offseason.  In the video below, Grayson is not showcased, but you can see how explosive the offense is under him and how well he commands it.



Strengths:  Grayson has a very strong arm and can make all the necessary NFL throws.  He has the mobility to move around the pocket and make throws in and out of the pocket. Reports from Colorado State say that he is a leader on and off the field.  He is also know to have a moxie about him, he will not back down from a challenge and when he’s done he will not go out without a fight.


Weaknesses:  At times he is inconsistent with his passes.  This season he is completing 65.3% of his passes.  For a guy his size he is does not use it well.  He is rather easy to get the ground. His lack of national exposure limits his spotlight ability.


Draft Prognosis:  Garrett Grayson may be the sleeper QB of this draft.  He has the potential to slide all the way up to round 2 with a good last quarter of the season, but if he stumbles he could fall all the way down into the 5th or 6th rounds.