Arie Kouandjio currently mans the left tackle position for the Crimson Tide, but at 6’5″ 315 pounds and with his skill set is more suited for the guard position at the next level.




Kouandjio has an impressive first step and his quickness is unmatched.  His punch and initial blow moves opponents off of the line of scrimmage and he manhandles almost every defensive lineman. He is a very impressive run blocker and has improved his pass blocking skills this season.



His footwork could use some coaching and multiple knee injuries will be a concern. Almost too relient on his initial punch to shock opponents, that when he misses he fails to recover. He also has a tendency to latch on when he is beaten and almost tackle his opponent to the ground. Has also had an issue with false starts.


Draft Prognosis:

Much like his brother, he is currently rated around a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but with good workouts and teams reaching for an impact lineman he will most likely vault up the board.  Alabama has been impressive offensively and Arie is a reason why.