The tight end position, may be the hardest position to play, in the NFL. They are expected to block defensive linemen and linebackers, in the run game. Some times, they are asked to pass protect, against fast pass rushers. If they aren’t blocking, they are asked to make tough catches over the middle of the field, or get open downfield, against safeties and CBs. A guy like, Tony Gonzalez really changed the standard for tight ends. A big, strong, and athletic TE that can not only block, but can go out and catch the football like a WR.

Maxx Williams does all of these things well. He has the size, that NFL teams look for. He is listed anywhere from 6’4-6’5, 250-255. He has the weight to not get pushed around while run blocking, he has the height to go up and get the football, and most importantly, he is athletic enough to get down field and make a big play.

Against a tough, Iowa defense, Maxx Williams caught 5 passes for 46 yards, and 3 TDs. He averaged 9 yards per catch, and 60 % of he catches were for TDs. One for 9, one for 4, and another one for 3 yards. That shows how dangerous he is in the Red Zone. His long for the year, is 52, which is a big play, for a big TE.

As far as run blocking, well his RB, David Cobb, has rushed for 1,350 yds already this season. Last season, Cobb ran for 1200 yards on only 237 carries. Cobb is a fantastic runner, but the blocking in front of him has been very good. Maxx Williams is a huge part of that. Williams is good at recognizing who to block, and effectively blocking them out of the play. He gets to the second level in a hurry, which gives Cobb a lot of one on ones in the open field.

You can contribute a lot of Minnesota’s TDs, to Maxx Williams. He is either catching the football, or opening up running lanes for the running backs. Williams gives you a great opportunity to score in the red zone, by providing plenty of flexibility. Williams, if he declares, should be an early day 2 pick. He could even go late Day 1.

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