Tevin Coleman has put himself into Heisman contention, with a very productive season. So far, Coleman has rushed for 1,678 yards and 12 TDs on 214 carries. That’s an average of 7.8 YPC. Coleman is a beast The most impressive stat, Coleman had his worst game of the season against PSU. Rushing for 71 yards on 20 carries. The next game, he ran the ball 32 times for 304 yards, and 1 Td. All of that was against Rutgers, a conference opponent. That type of game, after having his worst game of the year, (Although, still a good game) just shows how he responds.



Coleman has good size. He is listed at 6’1 and weighs in anywhere between 210 and 215. His size may indicate that he is tall and lengthy, with out a lot of mass. That isn’t the case, he is built very solid with a powerful frame. He is demonstrates that when he lowers his shoulder and runs through opponents. He has good vision at the LOS to find open running lanes. Once he finds the running lane, he immediately cuts up field. He has little waisted movement, and constantly looks to get north and south. He shows good burst through the LOS and shows speed to run away from defenders for a big run. In his short time as a starter, he has only missed 3 games. So far this year, he has shown to be very durable and reliable. He isn’t just speed, he has power, and the ability to grind it out.


Like most RBs with his height, he tends to run high and get hit low. His receiving ability isn’t the greatest. he can catch the ball, but he isn’t a guy that will line up as an outside receiver. His pass blocking could use some work. He has shown some good ability, but he is limited as a pass blocker due to experience. Durability is a question with him. He missed 3 games at the end of last season.


Tevin Coleman is a good all around prospect. He has shown versatility in his running style. He shows the ability to burst through the LOS, catch the ball out of the backfield, gets north and south, and shows plenty of power to break through tackles. There are a couple of questions about durability, but this year has proven he can stay healthy. Coleman should fit in any system at the next level. Coleman should be successful, whether he is in a spread, power run, west coast, zone run, etc.

Video Courtesy of DraftBreakdown.com