In most offenses, Centers are tasked with making line calls, blocking the big interior DTs, and be athletic enough to pull around the corner to seal. NFL teams are looking for guys who combine all of those things perfectly. Hroniss Grasu epitomizes all of these things. Grasu has been known to hold his own against power NTs like Danny Shelton, and also pulling to be Byron Marshall’s lead blocker. Grasu also does a good job of recognizing blitz packages, and making the appropriate line calls. Grasu’s length, helps him reach on DL, which is crucial in a stretch/spread run game. His athleticism, allows him to move his feet quickly, and block LBs blitzing up the middle.

Strengths: Grasu is a tall, lengthy C with good ability to reach block. Even though he is 6’3, he does a good job of getting underneath big DL, giving him leverage on the block. He is a smart C that knows which calls to make, to help keep the offense moving. Grasu is a great pass blocker, who anchors well.

Weaknesses: Grasu is a little light, weighing in at 297. Grasu, needs to work on his power at the POA. He is a technician, but at times he lacks the ability to move stronger DL out of the way.

Overall: Grasu is a sound C. He knows all of the line calls, has a good anchor, good flexibility, good length, and is a solid is both pass blocking and run blocking. There aren’t too many weaknesses in his game. His biggest knock, will be his weight going forward. Grasu should be taken late Day 1 to Early Day 2.