Kyshoen Jarrett is one of only a few safeties in the country that also returns kicks.  This further proves his versatility and speed.  Jarrett has the potential to round into a top prospect at the safety position.



Strengths:  Even though he may not be the first name you hear from the Virginia Tech defense, Jarrett has been a extremely solid and reliable defense starter for this team. Kyshoen is a very good open field tackler and can lay the wood when he needs to, but would rather wrap up and secure the tackle.  He has the speed to cover any option he would need too.  In the video he covers, running backs, tight ends (Eric Ebron), and wide receivers.  Jarrett is also versatile enough to return kicks and punts for the Hokies.


Weaknesses:  Coming into last season, Jarrett was lined up most of the time at or near the line of scrimmage and his pass coverage skills were not really needed.  In 2013, he was able to show more of those skills as he secured his first two career interceptions and showcased his ability to cover if called upon. 2014, he will be asked to be a leader for this defense and he has responded with 38 total tackles thus far and 2 huge interceptions in the upset versus #5 Ohio State.


Draft Prognosis:  With a good showing this season, he could improve his draft stock to a ceiling of the 3rd round, but I believe he is more of a 4-6 round guy.  If he approaches the NFL with the passion and drive that he does the college game, this kid will be a starting safety for seasons to come.