Spencer Roth has a mammoth leg and the ability to pouch kick in this Baylor offense is a key.  In the video below, his own punt team lets him down, but you can see his ability to get the ball in position for his team to pin the opponent deep.




A strong leg, and the ability to coffin kick his punts are his greatest asset.  He also knows his punt team as he never seems to out kick his coverage.  His kicks also seem to always have the appropriate spin on them to help his coverage team keep it out of the end zone.



Due to the nature of his team’s offense, he just does not punt that much.  This season he has punted 35 times with an average of 42.17 yards per kick.  Most of the times, he is pooch punting to pin the opponent deep.


Draft Prognosis:

Will most likely be the first or second punter taken in the 2015 NFL Draft.  That could be as early as the late 5th round, but he could slide to the 7th round.  Spencer Roth and previously showcased Mike Sadler of Michigan State are the top two punters in this years draft class.