Senquez Golson is an amazing cover corner, who in the SEC is also able to come up and help in the run game.  Golson is a ball hawk and has all the skills necessary to be a good cover corner in the NFL, despite his size. In the video below, he secures a game sealing interception against Alabama.



Posses natural cover ability and the athleticism to make up for minor mistakes.  He is very quick and makes plays on the ball when in his area.  This season he has compiled 29 tackles, 2 TFLs, 7 passes defended and 9 interceptions, including one he returned for a touchdown.  Isn’t the biggest guy, but is an aggressive tackler.



At only 5’9″ and 176 pounds, he can be thrown over and dominated by bigger receivers.  What he doesn’t have in size, he makes up for in speed and quickness.  He also is a very aggressive corner and sometimes over plays a route and gets beat.


Draft Prognosis:

Golson has jumped up draft boards of late and I have him pegged as a 2nd or 3rd round guy.  He will only be dropped due to his size, but the skill set is there.  All NFL teams are looking for corners with his skill set and ball hawking ability.