Strengths: Collins has mammoth size at 6’5 315. He has good power in the run game, can drive defensive linemen off the ball with ease. He has long arms, allowing him to easily get into defenders and drive them backwards. For a guy his size, he has decent feet. He drives his feet while run blocking and looks to finish the block. He is an adequate pass blocker. He has the ability to anchor and not get beat by the bull rush. When he gets his hands on the smaller pass rushers, he knocks them to the ground.

Weaknesses: He gets beat by smaller, quicker defenders while pass blocking. When he stands tall, he gets pushed back into the QB’s passing lanes. He can be late off the snap and whiffs on blocks at times. He tends stand to tall when getting to the second level, allowing him to get beat.

Overall: Collins looks to be a solid OL at the next level. He is best fit in a run heavy offense. He may be asked to play RT at the next level but should eventually move to LT. Collins has the size and strength to succeed immediately, but he needs to work on technique. He isn’t a finished prospect, but has ability to succeed at the next level.

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