There are a wide variety of offenses in the NFL. Some offenses spread it out, others focus on a power run, and some find a good balance of both. The emergence of players like Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick in 2011, Andrew Luck, RGIII, Russell Wilson in 2012, and, this year, Jonny Manziel, Blake Bortles, and Teddy Bridgewater, teams have really put an emphasis on an all around QB who can not only throw, but can run. We have seen this before, with Michael Vick but during that time, other teams still stuck with the traditional drop back QB.

Now with the emergence of different offenses that move the QB, teams are really looking for QBs with the ability to keep plays alive with their feet, by making defenders miss and rolling out of the pocket. With that said, let’s talk about some QBs in this draft, that fit the “new” style QB.


Jameis Winston -FSU- Not your typical QB. He is big, strong, fast, and has the arm and accuracy to be great at the next level. Winston fits the mold of guys like Andrew Luck and Cam Newton. Winston has great ability to make a play with his feet. He will run with it, extend the play, or even dump it off to a receiver, and head up field to make a block. Winston is my #1 QB heading into 2015 draft, if he declares.

Marcus Mariota – Oregon – Marcus Mariota has the height, he has the accuracy, and a strong enough arm for the NFL. He has the ability to get out of the pocket and make a play, whether it’s extending the play and looking to throw, or running with the ball. He has executed the famous Chip Kelly offense perfectly. Mariota projects as the #1 overall pick for 2015.

Bryce Petty: – Baylor – Baylor runs a pass heavy offense. It’s pretty obvious with so many of their WRs making it to the NFL. Terrance Williams, Josh Gordon and, Kendall Wright. As a 1st year starter, Bryce Petty threw for 4200 yards. In only one season, Bryce Petty is already at the top for most production for all starting, draft eligible, QBs. Bryce Petty belongs on this list, because not only can he throw the football, but he can run. He proved that by rushing 94 times, for 209 yards and 14 TDs. Petty is a threat to run the ball in the redzone, giving, the defense another threat to worry about.

Brett Hundley – UCLA – Hundley might have the best pocket presence of all draft eligible Quarterbacks. He is a complete QB. He has a strong arm, accurate passer, and has the athleticism to keep plays alive. Hundley gets overlooked at times in his conference, but Hundley is just as good as Mariota and might be the better passer.

Some other Quarterbacks to watch:

Braxton Miller – Ohio State (Out for the year)

Rakeem Cato – Marshall (Most productive of the Draft Eligible QBs)

Nick Marshall – Auburn (National Championship Runner up)

Cody Fajardo – Nevada ( Compared to Colin Kaepernick)