Hello and welcome to our brand new website, www.sidelineblitz.com.  My name is Eric McGuire and I am a contributor on this site.  Football runs through my blood and the season never ends.  The other two contributors on this site, Bret Lagasse and Brett Marshall are great friends of mine.  I have known Bret Lagasse since 4th grade and Brett Marshall about the same.  We all graduated from Polytech High School in Woodside, DE where we all three played on the offensive line.  I went on to Wesley College, home of the Wesley Wolverines, Division III football powerhouse, and completed a degree in Physical Education: Sports Management.  After completing my bachelor’s degree, I went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Art of Teaching: Social Studies.  I currently work at Georgetown Middle School as a Digital Design Teacher.  Whenever I am not working at school, I am working in sports.  Football is my passion, but I also have interest in baseball and Nascar.  As a contributor to this site, I will complete articles and work behind the scenes on Scouting Reports for NFL draft prospects.  I look forward to advancing this project and meeting many football fans from all over the world.  If you can any questions or comments, feel free to express them below in the comments section.