In the video below, Marshall faces off against the #3 Mississippi State Bulldogs and their tough defense.  This game was played on the road and is a good example of how Marshall has progressed as a passer.




Marshall is a talented athlete with tons of agility, speed and arm strength.  The ball jumps out of his arm and has the zip on his passes to fit his passes into tight windows. Is a field general and has the poise in any situation especially when leading comebacks.



Is Marshall really a great quarterback or is he a product of a simplified offense and superior skill players around him?  Marshall needs to improve his accuracy on the move and getting the ball over the Defensive line.  Last season he struggled with both.


Draft Prognosis:

Marshall is full of talent, but where does he fit.  Will he stay a quarterback or will he be asked to move to something else? Wide receiver? Cornerback? At this point he will most likely by a low round pick, but still has the chance to move up.