Kevin Johnson is a natural cover corner with the skills to excel in the NFL, his size will be the only hold back.




Johnson is a natural cover corner, with good ball skills and quick feet.  He also has amazing straight line speed and has the ability to make plays all over the field.  His smooth back pedal and quick first step allows him to be able to cover any receiver on the field.  Even though he isn’t a big hitter, he securely wraps ball carriers and is a cover man on special teams.



Struggles on contact with bigger receivers due to his lack of bulk.  In run support, he struggles bringing the lumber and has to wrap up and hold on.  Needs to improve his ability to get off blocks and add some bulk to his frame.


Draft Prognosis:

Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest is currently a second day pick.  His size hold him back slightly, but the skills are there to succeed at the next level.