Nelson has the kind of speed if you blink or take a miss step as a defender he will be gone before you have a chance to recover.




Despite the size, Nelson can put up number on offense and as a kick returner.  This season he has 19 returns for 684 yards and three touchdowns as a kick returner.  On the offensive side, Nelson has 33 catches for 635 yards and 3 more touchdowns.  He has elite speed and is very shifty once he gets the ball in his hands.



Obviously his size is a concern.  Over the last few seasons, small receivers have become a staple in offenses across the NFL.  He is not a natural catcher and almost fights the ball when it comes to him.  Struggles to get off coverage and is still learning the WR position.


Draft Prognosis:

A team will fall in love with his ability to help on offense and special teams.  He has the drive and willingness to help any team he plays for.  He will most likely go in the later rounds, 5th – 7th.