ECU is on a good run this year, and a lot of it has to do with how well the offense has done. A big part of the offense is WR Justin Hardy. Hardy has had back to back 1,000+ yard seasons, and is on his way to another 1,000+ yard season. ECU uses Hardy in a variety of ways. They will line him up to the right, left, or in the slot. From those spots, Hardy runs curls, slants, rub routes, stick, and crossing routes. He has the ability to take the ball the distance on any of those routes. Once the ball is in his hands, Hardy is a threat for a big play.

Strengths: Hardy is a hands catcher. Meaning he doesn’t let the ball into his body very often. This gives the QB a bigger window to fit the ball in. He also has the ability to play every WR position on the field and make plays from any of those positions. His size is adequate at 6’1 188lbs, unofficial of course. His weight doesn’t suggest that he is a strong WR, but his frame does. He is built well, and delivers a blow when blocking. (Take a look at 6:05-6:15 of the video)

Weaknesses: Hardy isn’t exactly a polished route runner. He could use some work in that aspect. His hands tend to be inconsistent at times, which causes drops in some situations. He could afford to add some weight, while his size is adequate, adding mass wouldn’t hurt.

Overall: Hardy looks to be a playmaker at the next level. He can play every WR position, which makes him valuable to all teams in any offense. I believe him to be scheme diverse, but his major fit is in a spread formation. Hardy looks to be a Day 2 pick.

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