Brandon Schreff mans the left tackle position for the Hawkeye’s offense, but many believe he may be better suited on the right side or even as a guard at the NFL level.  In the video below you will see him in action in a recent game versus the University of Maryland.



Strengths:  Schreff’s strength is unparalleled, especially his upper body.  In run blocking, he places his hands in the proper position and show excellent knee bend. in the pass game, Schreff has a wide base underneath him and shows the ability to move his feet and recover from momentum changes with ease.  Has an excellent first punch that stuns most pass rushers and creates the separation needed to control your block. Very eager blocker on the second level and has shown the ability to poll in limited opportunities.  Has incredibly hand strength with the impressive ability to stop many pass rushers in their tracks.


Weaknesses: Occasionally shows some hip tightness.  Sometimes plays on his heels and relies on his strength too much, which causes him to get beat by bull rushers and inside moves.  Also has a little injury history with a right leg injury in 2012 and a knee injury this season (meniscus).


Draft Prognosis:  Brandon Schreff of Iowa is a definite first round pick, with the ability to go in the top 10.  He is a strong, tough Offensive Tackle and shows the skills to be in the NFL for years to come.