Leonard Williams is a physical specimen. At 6’5, 300lbs, Williams has the size, strength, athleticism, to be a 3 down DT. When I watch Williams, I see a guy that lines up every where and still makes plays. Williams will line up as a 3 tech (UT) 1 Tech (NT), DE, and sometimes, stand up LB. Usually, guys that stand 6’5 tend to play to high, and get blocked. Not Williams. He uses his length, by staying low, and driving through blockers. When he gets his hands on a blocker first, he finds the football, and then uses his long arms to gain separation. His movement side to side is also impressive. He does a good job on stunts and maneuvering up front.

Strengths: Williams is athletic, strong, and very versatile. Williams uses his length to gain leverage and separation from blockers. He gets his hands in the passing lane and disrupts passing plays, quite often. His size is impressive with a lean build.

Weaknesses: Williams does tend to play too high at times. He can also get caught over pursuing, allowing runs to go right by him. He can be blocked by double teams.

Overall: Leonard Williams is an explosive DT that can do it all. He is strong at the POA, gains leverage using his height and long arms, and has the athleticism to get after the QB. His motor is very high. If he misses a tackle, he will chase the play down field until the play is over.