At 6’2″ 229 pounds, Johnson is a bigger back, but still has adequate speed.  In the video below you can see him against Division 1 Iowa in which he had 34 yards rushing, 66 yards receiving and a touchdown.



Strong strider that is not easy to bring to the ground.  Runs like a running back, but looks like a linebacker. Is a great receiver out of the backfield and shows up in pass protection.  Johnson is a great back at the FCS level, but how his game translates to the next level remains to be seen.



Even though he plays fast, he lacks breakaway speed.  He also doesn’t have much wiggle to his running style, running upright and sometimes stiff. Also with an upright running style he is prone to big hits.


Draft Prognosis:

Coming from the FCS level, scouts will evaluate him hard in the games in which he does face D1 or upper level FCS competition.  He currently sits as a 4th or 5th round selection and a top 15 running back in this years class.