Hutson Mason has good size at 6′ 2″and 209 pounds and is a very mature and smart young man.  Even though Georgia’s offense is mostly ground and pound, Mason makes the most of his opportunities.




Hutson Mason is a strong leader and plays clam and within himself.  He displays a clean set-up, good footwork and a strong release.  He is very confident and shows strong leadership skills, along with decent touch on his passes.



Does not possess true NFL quarterback tools or skills.  Does not have very much zip on his passes, which is required to fit passes into tight windows.  Arm strength is questionable at best.  Anticipation and field vision is also an area of concern.


Draft Prognosis:

With little true game experience at the College level, Mason is a fringe prospect.  His evaluation turns up that he does not possess the skills to be an NFL starting quarterback.. At best he is a backup and a clipboard holder.  He will most likely be a 7th round pick or UDFA.