GreenBerry is a playmaking WR for the Houston Cougars. He has become the favorite target of the Houston QB and continues to make plays for the offense.

Strengths: Greenberry has the speed to get deep, the lateral quickness to get open in space, and the length to stretch out for the ball. Greenberry stands 6’3 and weighs in around 200 lbs, which is well within the average for NFL Wrs. Since he comes from a spread out offense, a wide variety of routes, which include;curls, slants, post, Crossing and go routes. When the QB is in trouble, he does a good job of coming back to the QB and giving him a target when he gets in trouble. Greenberry has good leaping ability and the ability to stretch and get the football.

Weaknesses: Greenberry had a good year in 2013 with, 82 rec, 1202 yards, and 11 Tds. So far this season, Greenberry only has 51 rec 602 yds, and 4tds. His average yards per game went from 100 to 66.8 and his yard per catch, went form 14.7 to 11.8. His production has taken a dive, which raises question about him. Greenberry has decent size, but due to lack of weight, he isn’t the best blocker. He is willing, but does give a half effort from time to time.

Overall: Greenberry should be a later round pick. He has good all around ability. He can go up and get the football, has the speed to get deep, good lateral movement to make defenders miss, and he is a good route runner. His immediate impact can be used in the slot or on the outside. Teams will look to get him the ball in space, by having him run curls and crossing patterns. He may even be used on reverses as well.

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