In the videos below, you can see CB Tye Smith highlights.  In the first he is highlighted as a conference player of the week in his freshman season of 2011.  In the second, a recent game against the University of Delaware, Tye Smith is #24.




Strengths:  Hill has many skills that scouts look for in a corner prospect, he has quick feet and can easily move his hips and run with any receiver.  He has experience playing a zone or man to man. He is very impressing on route recognition and the ability to break on the receiver and make plays.  He has the athleticism to make plays in the secondary and is not afraid to help in run support.


Weaknesses:  His size may be a concern at the next level.  He is 6’0″ tall, but only weighs in at 170 pounds.  He will want to add some bulk to increase his draftability.  Also some scouts will bring up that fact that he is a FCS player, but Towson has played at a very high level the last few season and he has handled his own.


Draft Prognosis:  Towson’s Tye Smith is a small school prospect has the ability to be a nickel back or a 3/4 corner in the NFL.  Teams will look his way anywhere from the 5th to 7th rounds.  If he is invited to the Combine and Senior Bowl, he will be given the opportunity to showcase his skills for all the NFL scouts and improve his draft stock.