DeVante Parker is as dominant as they come. After missing 7 games this season, Parker has already posted 17 catches, 346 yards, but 0 TDs. That’s an impressive 20.4 YPC average. His first week back was against NC State. In that game, he compiled 9 catches for 132 yds. Pretty impressive, considering it was his first game back after having a break in his foot. Paker’s performance against NC State was a tune up for last night’s game against FSU.

Heading into the game against FSU, the hype was on Louisville to take down the #2 team in the country. With DeVante Parker back in the line up, it was a real possibility. Parker was facing an impressive CB prospect in P.J. Williams. Parker didn’t disappoint. His first catch went for 71 yards, but unfortunately for him, Louisville couldn’t turn that into points. In the first half Parker had 4 recs for 112 yards. Take out the 71 yard grab, he still had 3 catches for 41 yards for a 13.67 YPC average in the first half alone. The most impressive part, he didn’t let up, even though he was facing a possible future 1st round pick CB. In the 2nd half, he managed 4 catches for 102 yards. Louisville lost the game, but Parker couldn’t have done much more. Yes he could have scored a TD or 2, but that’s not all on him.

There are so many more games that Parker has played well in. FSU was a true test for him. Facing the #2 team in the country, facing an impressive CB, and coming off of an injury. His performance should sky rocket his early draft stock. I think he is easily a 1st round pick, should he continue dominating, and have a good combine.

Strengths: Parker has explosive playmaking ability. He is tall at 6’3 and good size at 211. He plays slightly bigger than his height, much like AJ Green does. His flexibility allows him to get up and get the football and get his feet in bounds on perimeter catches. He runs good routes and doesn’t round off his routes too often. He may not have scored against FSU, but in the past he finds the end zone, and is a viable red zone threat.

Weaknesses: Parker is coming from an injury and has missed some time this year due to a foot injury. It hasn’t slowed his explosiveness so far, but time will tell. He is a willing blocker, but he doesn’t always shield the defender away from making the tackle. I would like to see him come down with tougher catches at times.

Overall: Parker is an athletic WR who has explosive play making ability. He is just as dominant as any WR in the country. It usually takes more than one defender to cover him. He is a legitimate Red zone threat, that has accumulated quite a few TDs through out his collegiate career. Now that he is facing tougher competition, he has looked impressive. Parker should be an easy day 1 pick with a good combine.

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