AJ Cann stands at 6’4″ and 311 pounds almost a perfect size for an Offensive Guard, he also posses superior skills for a college offensive line.




Just looking at his frame, you can see the square that many scouts look for in any inside offensive lineman.  Cann has the great size and power needed to play guard, but also has the ability to pull and make all the blocks. He has a flexible lower body and the ability to get out of his stance quickly and get into position.  He has a great base and can anchor against bull rushes and can also fan out for moves on the pass rush.  AJ Cann is known for his work ethic on the field and in the weight room and has been a captain since last season.



His style fits the power scheme almost perfectly and he does not translate well to the zone-blocking schemes of some teams.  One thing I did notice on his blocks on the secondary level, he cannot really beat those defenders to his spots and really does not have the quickness to recover if initially beaten on the pass rush.


Draft Prognosis:

I would currently place him in the mid second round to possibly a third round guy.  He does have the ability to move up with a good showing the rest of the year and in the all star games.