Obviously video highlights of punters are few and far between, but this video characterizes not only his kicking ability put the man behind that strong left leg.



Strengths:  Left footed punters are always a commodity and we have one here. He is also very consistent, having averaged over 40 yards a punt over the last 4 seasons. This season he has punted 35 balls for 1409 yards for an average of 40.26 yards per punt.  The Michigan State defense benefits plenty of times from his ability to down the ball inside the 20 yard line consistently.


Weaknesses:  He may not have an overpowering leg at times, but has improved in that area.  He had only 4 kicks over 50 in 2012 and brought that up to 19 last season. In attributes that scouts look for in a punter, Sadler is rock solid.


Draft Prognosis:  Most of the time punters are not hot commodities in the NFL Draft.  Mike Sadler of Michigan State has the potential to go as early as the 6th, but could end up a UDFA and be brought in for competition in a training camp.