You may recall our articles on Tyrus Thompson and Daryl Williams, the bookend OTs for Oklahoma. Both are fantastic run blockers, but their is another stand out, along that OL. It comes as no surprise that Oklahoma features 3 star OL with pro potential. Adam Shead, the LG, is the 3rd OL from Oklahoma with pro potential.

Adam Shead has the prototypical size to play OG at the next level. (6’4 331) Shead is a phone booth blocker who can over power most DL. When run blocking, he gets good push and drives defenders out of the way. He creates big cut back lanes for the RB. He has the length to push defenders back and get hands on the defender first. When he keeps his feet moving, he has the ability to drive defenders off of the ball. He is a devastating down blocker.

Shead has heavy feet, and tends to be a little slow off of the ball. He can play too high at times, which allows defenders to get underneath of him to make a play on the ball carrier. Speed rushers from the inside give him fits, causing him to get his feet tangled. Since he is a big OG, he can be a little slower getting to the second level. When the defense gets creative, he gets confused on who to block.

Adam Shead is a devastating run blocker, with good size and strength. He has heavy feet in the run game, that gives DL fits. Open field blocking isn’t his strength, but when he gets his hands on a LB in the open field, he puts them down. He finishes most blocks, but I’d like to see him use more technique and block through the defender. His heavy feet cause him to get tangled when pass blocking against quick pass rushers. He anchors well against bull rushers, and doesn’t get bullied very easily.

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