Glimpses of dominance are there, but T.J. Clemmings is still very raw as an Offensive tackle.  Due to his lean frame, he may be better suited for the Right Tackle position.




Very fluid, athletic and quick off the ball as a Right tackle.  Plays with a wide base and has stone hands on contact to stun his pass rushers.  Has very long arms and his kick-slide pass blocking move is excellent.  For a player with little experience, his footwork is remarkable good.  Is very flexibly and in run blocking he has the ability to get to the second level and square up defenders. His ability to pick up a position as dynamic as this is another notch in his belt for scouts.



Hand placement in pass blocking is something he needs to work on, but other that that scouts will knock his lack of experience and that is about it.  Clemmings is a very good Offensive line prospect and he is still learning the ins and outs of the position.


Draft Prognosis:

He is definitely a first round tackle and has the ability to jump into the top 15 or top 10 if he tests well.