Taylor Kelly has lead Arizona State to 6 wins, and 0 losses. He missed 3 games with an injury, ASU went 2-1. Without Kelly, ASU wasn’t as competitive against UCLA, causing them to lose by a score of 62-27. Taylor Kelly returned Week 7, against Washington. Taylor was ready to play, completing 14/25 passes for 180 yds, 2 TDs, and 1 int. ASU won the game against Washington 24-10. He has thrown 6 TDs since coming back from injury, and thrown for 609 yards. That’s an average of 203 yards and 2 TDs per game.

Strengths: Taylor Kelly has good pocket presence and ability to extend plays with his feet. Kelly’s eyes are always down field, looking to push the ball downfield. He has a strong arm, although, not as strong as most, his arm is more than adequate. His downfield accuracy has been good over the past 2 years. His best throws are short and intermediate routes. Kelly is great at picking apart defenses and taking everything the defense gives him.

Weaknesses: Kelly is a little smaller, than most would like. He has had some injuries, which could be a major concern for NFL teams. He takes more sacks than he should. A round about average of 3 sacks per game. Not all of that is on the OL. Some sacks are taken because of indecisiveness and not stepping up in the pocket at times. There are times where he tries to force a throw, which usually ends in an INT.

Overall: Kelly has had a pretty brilliant career. He has thrown for 7,908, 69 TDs, and 24 INTs. He has rushed 361 times for 1376 yards, and 13 TDs. That’s not all, he has also punted 19 times for 695 yards. He has executed pooch punts very well in his career. Kelly brings versatility to an offense. He takes care of the football, looks to get the ball downfield, and makes tough plays. Kelly’s size will probably keep him out of the 1st round, but he he should be taken late Day 2 to early Day 3.

Video courtesy of DraftBreakdown.com