Welcome to our first Video Analysis of a 2015 NFL Draft prospect.  We will be posting and updating many more as we get closer to the 2015 NFL Draft.  All of our videos come from the great guys over at www.draftbreakdown.com, if you get the chance take a look at their site.



Denzel Perryman  LB Miami Hurricanes

Strengths:          Perryman has the instincts and skill set that transfers smoothly to the next level.  He is very strong against the run and fairs well against the pass. He has the ability to read the offensive line and can get off blocks to make plays.  He plays well behind his pads and can bring the lumber with big hits.  He is a leader as well, he is the defensive play caller for the Hurricanes and lines everyone in the correct positions.  At the college level, he is good in pass coverage and that means a lot because many linebackers at this level struggle.


Weakness:        Perryman has very few weaknesses, one that could effect him at the next level is his top level speed. He has a quick burst but his top end speed is not there.  He can get outrun by speedier offensive players. He is average at best playing a receiver in the slot and covering down field.


Draft Prognosis:   If Perryman had come out last year as a Junior, he would have been a top 5 linebacker off the board.  In this year’s draft he will be top level as well and should be a 2nd-3rd prospect and with a good season he could move up to a primetime Thursday pick.


Video courtesy of www.draftbreakdown.com.