Rashad Greene has become Jameis Winston’s go to WR. In every comeback game for FSU this season, Winston was looking for Greene to make a big play. So far, Greene has had 4 100+ yard games, 1 200+ yard game, and 2 games with 11 receptions. When the play breakdown, Greene always uncovers to allow Winston a throwing window.

So far, the toughest teams FSU has faced this season, is OK St, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Louisville. Greene had over 100 yards receiving in all of those games, except against Louisville. Louisville has only allowed two teams to go for over 300 yards, NC State and Florida State. Against Louisville, Greene posted 6 rec for 62 yards.

You’ll see in the video below, just how much of a playmaker Greene can be, when they played Oklahoma State. Greene seemed like he was unstoppable in that game. Catching 11 passes for 203 yards, and 1 td. With a long of 51, he had an 18.5 yard per catch average. If you look past the numbers, you’ll see that Greene did more than just catch the football. Early in the game, Oklahoma State was able to pressure Winston and flush him from the pocket. Greene was well aware, and was able to find a way to get into Winston’s line of site, and give him a target. Greene knew the defenders would respect Winston’s running ability and focus on him. While the focus was on Winston, Greene was able to catch the football, and make a play with it.

Week 1 may have been his best game to date, but possibly one of his most important performances was against, Notre Dame. Against Notre Dame, Rashad Greene just kept finding open windows. Winston targeted Greene 9 times, and came up with 8 receptions for 108 yards, and 1 TD. Every time they needed a 1st down, Winston was able to hit Rashad Greene for a big gain.

Strengths: Greene has the speed, and shiftiness to get open. He is good at making subtle movements in the open field, and turning a catch up field for a bigger gain. He has been a consistent target of Jameis Winston, and has thrived without Kelvin Benjamin. He has good hands, with the ability to catch the ball with his hands, and not letting into his body. He isn’t a burner, but he is fast enough to get open, and make plays.

Weaknesses: Greene doesn’t have great size, listed at 6’/6’1″ and weighing in around 178-180. He hasn’t missed many games, but his size will come into question headed into the draft. He isn’t always the cleanest route runner and could use some work in that area.

Overall: Greene has the ability to play at the next level, and be productive. He possess enough speed to get open and make plays with the football. Teams that run open offenses would love to have a guy like Greene in their system. His size may hurt his stock, but I don’t think it will hurt him at the next level. He is shifty enough to make defenders miss, and not allow them to get a clean hit on him.

Videos courtesy of Draftbreakdown.com
Rashad Greene vs Notre Dame

Rashad Greene vs Oklahoma State