Kevin White is an impressive prospect. Not only does he posses good size (6’3 210), but he also possess playmaking ability. White can take a short route the distance, or get open deep for a big TD. The video I have posted below, (courtesy of shows White making plays against the a very tough Oklahoma defense. White was a big reason that WVU had a chance at upsetting Oklahoma.

What I like:

First play to watch for, is from :38 seconds to 1:16. You’ll see Kevin White step hard outside and cut back inside, beating the CB straight up the field for a TD.

Second play to watch, is from 1:30 to 1:46. White does a fantastic job of selling the deep route, by running hard our of his stance. He turns on a dime for the comeback route. Once he catches the ball, he has the ability to make the CB miss, and get the first down with some extra yardage.

Third play to watch, is at 1:48 to 2:00. White runs a simple slant pattern. Tricket (QB) hits puts it right on White’s hands. White does a great job of focusing on the football, and not getting intimidated by the defenders around. Again, White was able to get the first down.

When I watch WRs, I want to see their ability to block, and more importantly, their will to block. If you watch from 2:25 to 2:33, you’ll see White set up, with a low base, and get his hands inside on the defender. White keeps his body square, and keeps his back to the the running back. This forces the defender to have to go through White for the tackle. White’s block springs the RB for the first down.

What I don’t like: White tends to round out his routes, which allows defenders to have a chance at the ball. Watch from 2:46 to 2:52. White was still open, but a crisp route may have caused the defender to freeze for a split second.

If you watch the last play of the video, you’ll see Kevin White just kind of running up and not getting hands on the block. Yes White’s defender didn’t make the tackle, but I would like to see White make a better effort on a block than that. White, like most receivers, tend to get lackadaisical on their blocks. It’s not a glamours job to block, but it’s very necessary.

Lastly, Kevin White is only in his second year as a starter for WVU, but is a senior. That doesn’t necessarily hurt his draft stock, but it does give us a small sample size, against top competition.


Kevin White is a fine prospect. Easily a 1st round pick. There aren’t many holes in his game, from speed, size, playmaking ability, route running, and blocking. White can fit into any system, whether it’s spread, read option, run heavy, or west coast. White should be an early first round pick with a good combine or pro day.

If you want to watch more of Kevin White, watch his game against Alabama (link below) or go to for more.